Dig Deeper Yoga Studies 300-Hour Training

Advancing the Teacher

DIG DEEPER YOGA STUDIES 500 is a 300-hour Yoga Alliance® Registered Level II training for teachers who have completed a 200-hour teacher training program and are interested in honing and refining their teaching skills. The Advanced Teacher Training schedule is divided into SIX 25-hour modules, FIVE 3-hour asana intensives and one final teacher practicum (see below). All hours and modules must be completed in order to qualify for 500-hour certification. We recommend taking the modules sequentially though you may jump into this program as soon as you're ready!  In the event you are unable to complete a module, they will be offered again the following year.  The asana intensives can be taken throughout the training as offered. 

The course includes the exploration of advanced asana practice; the energetics of optimally aligned asanas; applied therapeutics and hands-on adjustments; skillful and advanced teaching techniques for asana, pranayama and meditation; building a workshop sequence; business and marketing; and polishing all of the Art of Teaching tools. Completion of this program qualifies teachers to register for 330/500-hour RYT certification from DDYS and Yoga Alliance. 

The full DDYS 500 course curriculum requires 270 contact hours which is divided into two parts:

  • 170 hours of Level 2 Advanced Teacher Training (DDYS 500 program) 
  • 100 hours of Electives & Practicums*

*Electives are courses taught by both guest and DDYS faculty that cover a full spectrum of yoga practices (i.e asana, breath, chanting, meditation, philosophy). Practicums focus on teaching skills. We recommend you take an equal amount of each. One of our DIG faculty can help you chart out the trajectory of your elective studies and answer any questions you have along the way.

Once enrolled in DDYS 500, you will be entered automatically into our DDYS 500 Tracking System, which documents your study and training hours as you freely customize your Electives & Practicums to best serve your interests and fit into your schedule and life. All hours can be accrued over a period of two & half years from the date of your enrollment into DDYS 500. 

MODULE 1: The Art of Seeing & Speaking
At the end of this week, you will expand your ability to: 
• observe bodies and adjust more skillfully
• sequence instruction with more clarity and confidence
• inspire your students with effective use of voice
• expand your strengths as a teacher and to improve upon your weaknesses
• plan and instruct public classes with greater ease
• and more! 

MODULE 2: Teaching Practicum & Methodology - Teaching Effective Public Classes & Workshops
At the end of this week, you will deepen your ability to: 
• skillfully teach different levels of classes - beginners, mixed level, intermediate, advanced
• teach stages and modifications of poses
• creatively compose class sequences
• plan specialty workshops
• appropriately address challenging students
• inspire students with theming and relatable philosophy
• and more! 

MODULE 3: Creating Relevant Classes from Ancient Stories & Philosophy
At the end of this week, you will deepen your ability to: 
• articulate different philosophical vantage points
• distill relatable and inspiring teachings from texts into your classes
• understand the Upanishads, the Ramayana, the Bhagavad Gita, the Shiva Sutras
• teach classes more authentically using mythical themes
• and more! 

next Teaching Practicum: August 20, 2016: Peer to Peer teaching with faculty feedback 

MODULE 4: Manual Adjustments & Advanced Therapeutics
At the end of this week, you will deepen your ability to: 
• skillfully offer therapeutic assessments & adjustments
• increase sensitivity in knowing when and where to touch
• learn precise adjustments that support greater healing
• refine your knowledge of anatomy and biomechanical functions
• and more! 

MODULE 5: Identifying and Healing Injury: Clinics with clients
At the end of this week, you will deepen your ability to: 
• apply therapeutic hands-on adjustments
• injury assessment and management
• sequence personalized practices for clients
• build deeper trust with your students
• work with private clients 

MODULE 6: Expanding your Audience: Learning to Specialize 
At the end of this week, you will deepen your understanding of: 
• infertility & preconception, prenatal yoga and postnatal yoga
• restorative yoga
• seniors yoga
• chair yoga / wall yoga / modifications
• kids yoga
• pranayama / meditation
• and more! 

Asana Intensives:   March 26, April 15, May 14, June 17, 2016
Asana Intensives are designed to help you deepen your personal practice (five are required) 



Upcoming Schedule

Schedule for each module: 
Tuesday - Thursday, 9am-4:30, Friday 9am-1pm

Lambertville 2015/2016 Dates:

• MODULE 4: March 1-4, 2016
• MODULE 5: April 26-29, 2016
• MODULE 6: May 17-20, 2016

(Module 1-3 have not been re-scheduled yet for 2017, please call studio for further information.)

• Asana Intensives:  March 26, April 15, May 13, June 24, August 5.

Teaching Practicum: August 20, 2016

Payment for Individual modules: $495 each

Asana Intensives $55 each, Final Practicum $90.


500 hour Level Tuition

DDYS 500 Tuition One Time Payment: $4,500
(includes Advanced TT and Electives & Practicums)

DDYS 500 Tuition Payment: $5,000- 12 monthly payments of $417 (includes Advanced TT and Electives & Practicums)

(please call studio for further information on the next 500hr full training, modules 4-6 are currently available to be taken individually.)