Aerial Yoga is a unique yoga practice, offering multiple benefits through the use of hammocks for support. This benefits students of all levels - from beginner to advanced - by allowing them to:

- Lengthen & stretch the spine, allowing for space to be created between the vertebral discs. It also decompresses other joints in a safe way. This is great for people with arthritis and scoliosis, and provides a degree of myofascial release for the body.

- Treat pressure points around the joints, which means less aches and pains and a greater range of motion.

- Increase circulation throughout the body, positively influencing everything from the cardiovascular and hormonal systems to the brain, particularly beneficial to the body after childbirth.

- Learn new ways to do and move through postures; after a short while, you'll see how Aerial Yoga offers brain stimulation and gives you a boost of energy, leaving a lingering effect of wellbeing.

- Experience a unique all-over body workout that improves balance by strengthening the hands, arms, legs and core. In this way, Aerial Yoga is not just fun, but great 'training' for such varied activities as rock climbing, skiing, running, tennis, golf, and even construction work.

Next Aerial Yoga Class Dates with Mandy:

Saturday, January 26th, 12noon-1:00pm & Saturday, February 23rd, 12noon-1:00pm

Pre-registration required.

To schedule private aerial classes, please call Tracy at DIG at 609-460-4222.


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