asana Intensives 

Advancing the practice

Are you looking to truly expand your practice? The Asana Intensives are 3 hour class experiences that build upon your dedicated practice through exploring complex asana poses. Led by either Sue Elkind, Naime Jezzeny or Annie Masters, we will break down poses in safe, fun and challenging ways, as well as build sequencing that takes your practice to the next level. The classes will emphasize correct alignment appropriate to your level, and we will stop to observe and remedy common problems.

The Asana Intensives are great for yoga teachers, yogis who love a challenge, and are open to all intermediate to advanced students. These Intensives also count towards 500 Hour Advanced Teacher Trainings.

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Upcoming Schedule



2019 Dates: January 19 (Sue), February 22 (Annie), March 22 (Naime), April 20 (Sue), May 24 (Annie), June 28 (Naime), July 20th (Sue), September 13 (Naime), October 19 (Annie), November 15 (Naime), December 14 (Sue)

Hours: Friday's 11am-2pm; Saturday's 12noon-3pm

Pricing: $50.00 Drop In