restorative yoga for greater health

What is Restorative Yoga?

With the use of props, Restorative yoga poses support and invite us to relax into the practice of “being.” The poses are held longer inviting a deepening and opening verses a stretch. Making space for release and relief.


Why is it beneficial?

When we are feeling run down, stressed out and uptight, Restorative yoga offers us an opportunity to balance and harmonize our mind, body, emotions and senses through deep relaxation. Allowing our body systems to release and rejuvenate themselves. Restorative yoga gives us permission to take a break and let go.


What can one expect during a class?

Soft lighting, gently music floating through the air, as you are shown how to “set up” for the with pose with bolsters, blocks, blankets and gentle alignment cues. The props support you anywhere from 5 - 15 minutes, with a guided invitation to breath and body to release and release more.


“As a teacher, I am a student of the energy in the room. A passion of mine, is to facilitate the vibe, the energy of Peace.” ~ Kim Kemper

restore Every Friday from 6:30- 7:30pm!

Kim Kemper & Annie Masters alternate teaching this class, please check weekly schedule for most accurate information.

Kim Kemper is certified as a yoga teacher, breath work facilitator and a nutritional healthcare professional with more than 30 years of education, knowledge and life experience. Steeped in wisdom, she provides the tools and the environment for those she works with to make empowering, life affirming changes on the path to achieving their optimal state of health and wellness. In addition to teaching yoga, Kim is a sought after holistic nutritionist and wellness counselor maintaining a practice with DIG Yoga and at her office in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

Annie Masters has been studying and practicing yoga since 2002. While evoking a calm, positive energy, Annie’s classes are centered on alignment-based principles that foster physiological wellbeing and challenge students to deepen their practice to their fullest potential in a playfully serious way. It is with heartfelt enthusiasm that Annie welcomes individuals of every age, ability, and background to join her in the daily exploration of yoga. Earning her RYT-500 hour certification from Dig Yoga with Sue Elkind and Naime Jezzeny, Annie continues to find inspiration from local teachers as well as internationally renowned yogis. Annie lives in gratitude of the keen awareness that yoga continually brings to her everyday life.