I DIG Yoga

By Julian DeVoe

I dig yoga because it's fun. I do yoga to salute the sun. Yoga helped me put my body back together, I think I could do it forever.

I dig yoga because of the people meet. I do yoga anywhere, even in the street.

I dig yoga because it makes my butt look good in jeans And it helps release gas after I eat too many beans. It keeps my internal organs clean And my abs shiny and lean.

I dig yoga because it makes me feel good. I dig yoga, I bet everyone would – Except those that don't They'll do something else, Secretly they’re yogis, by being themself. That’s the key to inner wealth, Just be plain old you, just be yourself.

Yoga in disguise or yoga in your face, Yoga is being done all over the place. From the north to the south, even in outer space. The more I do, the more I dig, My heart and body do a celebratory jig. Yoga for the strong and yoga for the weak, Come on in and have a peak. You might like what you see But, if you don't, that's fine with me.

Do your dharma and have a good time. I wish you the very best and hope you enjoy this rhyme.

Yoga, yoga, I love you so – I can do you at home or take you to go. We can party in the rain, sun or even the snow – In calm or quiet or when the wind blows.

I dig yoga because, sometimes, it makes me cry and shed a layer Sometimes it helps me fly and become and dragon slayer. It makes me strong, yet soft, It even helps heal my aching cough.

I dig yoga for a lot of reasons Probably because it can be done in all seasons. But above all it inspires me To be me – Whenever, wherever, however I want to be.