Meditative Essential Oil Blend for the New Year


This essential oil blend is intended to echo the silence of the season.  Everything around us is frozen- slow and still- and slowing more, freezing more deeply.  Resources have been cut off; nothing was left for the leaves so the leaves left.  Fatty little squirrels sleep off their pumpkin binges and humans try to return like sap to the trunks of their family trees. These are delayed responses.  The days have already started getting longer, and the Earth is tipping us toward the sun. Light is returning, but it will be a bit longer before this has noticeable effect. All growth is dormant, and life force is drawn inward to the core, where it wells and waits and readies itself for the expansion that is to come.

As you engage in this blend, focus on the way the mind responds, slowly arriving at the place these plants are trying to take it.  These grounding and centering oils return the mind to a state of calm; a place of feeling content with simplicity.

Rest and Rejuvenation Massage Oil

15 drops Sandalwood 6 drops Cedar 6 drops Ginger 6 drops Bergamot in 4 ounces of jojoba or sesame oil

The deeply warming qualities of ginger, the calming and grounding qualities of cedar, the mood balancing effects of bergamot and the meditative qualities of sandalwood, help promote an overall tranquil state: centering us and preparing us for expansion.

Apply these infused oils directly and massage into the skin. The blend can be used before, after, or with baths, during massage, or whenever a moisturizer is needed. Try massaging the ear lobes for deep relaxation.

Safety Guidelines Use low dilutions. Do not take essential oils internally. May cause photosensitivity. Do not use in direct sunlight. Use with caution during pregnancy.

About the author: Rootfoot is a community-based essential oil distillation collective that produces high-quality oils from locally grown plants and re-purposed aromatic material. We exist to reconnect the earth and its people by providing education on aromatic plants in holistic health, and by collaborating with local farms, urban gardens, and businesses to promote conscious agriculture focused on the restoration of the earth's vitality.