We DIG Bodywork

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We are witnessing an incredible, exciting, and challenging time in human evolution: an emerging consciousness of body and spirit merging with matter and energy, physics and metaphysics.  It was once believed that evolution was guided by an external force outside the range of human consciousness, but we now know there is a possibility which will allow the conscious mind to interact, influence and even direct this process.  As we move forward from chaos (war, environmental disasters, etc.) and reorient into personal and social consciousness by way of uncharted territory, we can look to the process of creation as a means of finding the path.

All holistic health care practices require an individual to take responsibility and conscious action for the creation of one's mental and physical health and happiness.  When our physical body is misaligned, it is often due to our lives being out of balance.  Our body then has to continually compensate and utilize our vital energy, causing us to feel more stressed and exhausted, and our physical and emotional symptoms and conditions often go unchanged.  True alignment takes place when physical, emotional and spiritual levels are aligned simultaneously; when we are aligned with self, our soul's journey, others and nature.

Shiatsu Shin Tai is a form of bodywork therapy that precisely and effectively addresses postural and structural misalignments.  Shin Tai includes techniques such as specific muscle & joint releases, activating and relaxing the central nervous system, fascial releases and activation and release of energy (Chi) in the energy pathways of the body.   By creating balance, restoring motion and releasing stress patterns in the body enables us to adapt to stress and emotional imbalances very differently, and effectively allows us to fully engage in the flow of our day-to-day lives and happiness.  Once we take action by aligning and refining our individual inner health through Shiatsu Shin Tai therapy and lifestyle, we become more available and creative for ourselves, our families, relationships, communities and the planet; we discover and create our divine nature.