Q&A with Kim Kemper on Restorative Yoga

An essential part of a yoga practice, Restorative classes are held at both Dig Philly and Lambertville. We asked Kim Kemper, our beloved Restorative teacher in Lambertville, to answer a few questions students commonly ask. 

What is restorative yoga?

With the use of props, restorative yoga poses support and invite us to relax into the practice of “being.” The poses are held longer and invite a deepening and opening rather than a stretch, making space for release and relief.

Why is it beneficial?

When we are feeling run down, stressed out and uptight, restorative yoga offers an opportunity to balance and harmonize our mind, body and senses through deep relaxation, allowing our body systems to release and rejuvenate themselves. The practice of restorative yoga gives us permission to take a break and rest deeply.

What can one expect during a class?

Soft lighting, gentle ocean waves and nature sounds floating through the air, you are shown how to “set up” for the pose with bolsters, blankets, and blocks while using gentle alignment. The props may hold you anywhere from 5 - 15 minutes, with an invitation to simply rest and breathe.  

What is your favorite aspect of restoratives?

As the room settles down to “dropping out and dropping in,” with the sweet sound of the ocean in the background, the room’s energy changes into a still, relaxing abyss. Another favorite is when the end of class rolls around, the room and the guests look like they have all just enjoyed a savasana slumber party.