Kids DIG yoga! by denise orloff

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love.  It will not lead you astray.” ~ Rumi

I love teaching kids yoga!  It is one of the places I feel most alive, most valued, most effective.  In listening, sharing, and guiding children in being their best version of themselves, I get back love and gratitude. It’s epic! 

The practices of yoga empower kids to find independence, embrace their unique voice and have the bravery to communicate from their own special point of view.  Yoga helps kids tune out the negative, the expectations, the stress, the mean girls/boys, the media bombardment, the busyness.  Yoga helps them find calm and connection, to embrace their innate, intuitive gifts.  If we could reach all children across the world and remind them to listen to their own hearts, to teach them the skills to believe in the goodness and beauty in everyone and everything, I wonder what a different world we would be living in.

I love guiding kids to find confidence and strength to connect to what fills them with happiness.  The most rewarding of course are always the most challenging: the autistic boy who wouldn’t stay on his mat, but through repetition and observing the practices could lead a class of 25 kids in a guided meditation; the outspoken girl who questioned the validity of everything, who realized her power to influence others and like magic transformed her behavior from one of antagonist and naysayer, to one of leadership and kindness, encouraging and mentoring the rest of the group; the girl with down syndrome, who doubted everything she could do, but who found through friendship, love and support of the yoga class; the joy of inversions the football player who was so tightly bound, physically and mentally, but found his strength served him in becoming supple; the weirdos who feel out-of-place, with no friends, who find pride in their creativity and realize how much they do have in common with others.  

The sad, the angry, the shy, the scared, the “I can’t be/do/have” children live within our communities and are suffering.  Do you know how good it feels to take those emotions and turn them into happy, empathetic, confidant, courageous, “I’ll try anything” kids?!  I’m telling you, it’s euphoric! Our kids, our communities need leaders like YOU to make connections, to help make real change in the evolution of compassionate, conscious, empowered human BEings.  Let’s stop the DO, DO, DO and give the gift of living an extraordinary life in how to BE in the world.  

I am deeply grateful to share my passion for connecting with children, and equally grateful for all those amazing parents, teachers, sisters, brothers and caregivers who impact children everyday.  My hope is to YOU will share your passion.  YOU matter.  This could be epic ☺

Arohanui (big love),

Denise Orloff

Kids Yoga Teacher since 2004, Mum since 1999, Friend to many kids/teens around the world ☺  

Offering Foundations to Yoga Kids Teacher Training at Dig Yoga on March 21 in Lambertville, and May 9 in Philadelphia.