Seeking Self Care by Ramesh Tarun Narine

As they are for you, my hands are the way that I interact with my environment. With them I learn about the context of myself vs. other, I hold my nephews hand crossing the street, I investigate the temperature of a stove top...

At age eight, all I wanted to do was play the guitar. My dad was a big Elvis fan and his posters hung on the walls of our basement. Inspired by the music playing in the house, I asked for lessons and my parents found me a teacher. The teacher suggested that my hands were small and to return when I was older.

I began to teach myself to play the guitar at the age of 24. I spent six months pressing calluses into my left hand on a nylon stringed beater in the basement. When I had some basic chord shapes and some confidence in owning my dream, I wandered into a shop and bought a guitar. Her name is Molly. Cherry sides and a maple top, she's the sweetest. A profound teacher, my commitment to making music with her liberated something deep in me. I began finding teachers that filled my head, my heart, and my hands and was encouraged to play.

I created the opportunity to support change. A story from my youth had limited my ability to care for myself. A story I was no longer interested in tolerating.

I share this because yesterday, I had a client come in for his first massage. Ever. Though under 40, his weekend move had left him in pain. Despite having the support of insurance benefits and the time to book an appointment, he had previously never done so. His partner suggested he get some help.

As a community, we rarely know how to ask for help. Our body is an incredibly sensitive instrument, yet without listening, it's hard to know where to direct our support. As one of my teachers says, "Give yourself the gift of your own attention." You've gone into the world and worked to become a professional in your field. As you seek an accountant at tax time, a knowledgable professional in the field of health and wellness is a strength. The benefits of their support, limitless.

Benefits of massage include:

   Relaxation and stress management

   Injury rehabilitation, postural changes and emotional release

   Self care, from the management of chronic pain to relief of acute pain

   Lower blood pressure

Be still. Listen. A voice emerges, encouraging greater sensitivity to yourself and to the world you inhabit. Whatever you pursue, asking for help can do nothing but support your time here, and that's good for us all. The indivisible voice of consciousness weaves a tapestry. You are that voice and a belief in your worth speaks highest. Today, seek self care: a walk, tea with a loved one, help with your headache. Creation wants you to be free, and support is a powerful thing to liberate.

Ramesh Tarun Narine will be offering Cranial Sacral Therapy and massage at DIG Lambertville on Saturday and Sunday, April 25 & 26. Call us at 609-460-4222 to book an appointment. 

Completing his 3000 hr, competency based Therapeutic Massage program in 2012, Ramesh discovered a goal: help patients achieve their optimal health. A long time practitioner and instructor of yoga, he believes therapeutic massage is a collaborative process. Based upon client goals, a treatment plan is constructed, supporting one's overall sense of connection between body and mind. Ramesh can be reached at and on Instagram @rameshtarun