Every Winter in the Middle of January with Kate Appel

Every winter in the middle of January I wish I had made plans to go to warm sunshine and ocean waters.  But usually the winter comes and goes and I never get it together. When I saw the post card about the Nosara Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica, I picked it up and made my reservation immediately, I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity. What could be better, yoga in the warm sunshine, great people from Dig, an ocean and people to be with that had a common connection in yoga, nature and the outdoors.  

Our flight was early Saturday morning and when I left my house it was minus 6 degrees, I had socks under my sandals and layers of clothes that could easily be shed as I reached the warmer climate.  Nosara did not disappoint and was even lovelier than the post card. The facility itself was elegant, the yoga rooms, which were not rooms but airy spacious buildings, perched on the hillside in the jungle, some overlooked the ocean in the distance.  

I remember how after a class one evening  we  had finished our practice and I sat there in the stillness of trees, the roots, the vines and felt myself wrapped in a cocoon of stillness with deep roots that seemed to envelop me. My body seemed to instantly respond to the heat and all the winter kinks melted away through our practice.

Mariel and Sue brought the yoga experience to new levels offering two classes a day, they spent time with us meeting our individual needs. Denise was the organizer of most everything including outside adventures, zip lining, surfing lessons, kayaking in the mangrove sanctuary filled with birds,  it truly felt like another world I was invited into.    

For me personally there was plenty of space to write or paint or just take time to nurture my creative expressions. Even though we were in this group of people, there was so much space to either do your own thing or be with some new friend sitting at the pool or having a smoothie at the juice bar, I preferred iced cappuccino latte’s.  Then there was the spa, where you could get a facial, or massage, whatever your wanted it was so relaxing and massage area was surrounded by a waterfall, it was amazing.   

Back home in NJ we heard about the ice storms and then a snowstorm and the frigid temperatures made the whole experience even better.  We picked the right week to get out of town.

We are excited to announce our dates to return to Nosara in 2016! For more info visit www.digyoga.com/retreats

yoga retreat at bodhi tree yoga resort in costa rica
with sue elkind & denise orloff 

march 12-19, 2016