Kids Dig Truth and Share it With an Open Heart with Jessica DiLorenzo

Yoga is everything was the response I received from Krishna a few weeks back when I asked him what yoga meant to him. Its a part of everything I do. It makes me stronger and more balanced.

Krishnas mom giggled as she confessed, He is practicing Surya Namaskar each day! I told him that if he keeps doing that, he will never get sick!

Namaste means the love in my heart loves the love in your heart, Jonah replied when Naime asked him about the meaning of the word as they sat on stage together at the end of the 10am mixed level class. Its sweet and everybody smiles and gets a well deserved post practice chuckle, but it is also the truth! Through this practice, the DIG kids have formed this beautiful community within the larger community. Each week, new kids are welcomed, and old friends are greeted with love. They help one another, offer focusing strategies, teach each other new games, and encourage each other to try new things! We are cultivating a young tribe of beautiful yogis that are living their yoga and weaving threads of mindfulness into many parts of their lives.

The way children are practicing and sharing their yoga both on the mat and off the mat is absolutely inspiring! Ive said it before and Ill say it again and againchildren are our greatest teachers. My job is to encourage them to stay connected to themselves through the many obstacles we face, to feel empowered by their quirks and differences and recognize these are their true gifts, and to encourage them to share their practice with others. This is exactly what our lil digsters have been doing, and I am so proud of them!

This summer, the children will not only have an opportunity to practice the asanas and meditation, but they will also explore many art forms as pathways to finding out more about themselves and other members of their tribe and beyond. They will dive into their highest intentions and wishes through creating dreamcatchers. They will explore a fluid painting meditation inspired by a local artist, Kate Appel, and create beautiful mandalas out of natural and recycled materials. In addition to all of these things, I am thrilled to share that I will be weaving a loom with the children this summer. The word tantra literally means loom or weaving. It can also mean groundwork. This is what working with the children feels like each week. They are naturally weaving this rich and colorful loom as they come together week after week with a sincere desire to move, breathe and create together. Each child comes to the circle and offers their unique gifts and perspective and seems to leave with a sense of connection and oneness. Together we are weaving this loom of the purest love and truth. Come join us! 

Kids Summer Camp is running June 29-July 10th for ages 4-15. For more info, check out our Lambertville workshops page in the tab above, email or call 609-460-4222!