Liz Fullen: the Journey Towards Digging Deeper

By Elizabeth Fullen

My first svasana doubled as my first meet-and-greet with myself. Lying there, I was free to just be. I didn’t have to be “Liz the cheerleader” or “Liz the thespian” (yes, I was a walking contradiction in high school). I found the place where all the labels dropped away and what I was left with was pure, unadulterated Liz. I quickly realized that yoga class was going to help me find the balance I longed for but had not yet known, and found a studio near my house and began a dedicated practice. Almost immediately, it became apparent that the practice of yoga was invaluable to my well-being.

Every class is a learning experience, like being schooled on myself. While it’s not always easy to sit back and observe the thoughts that cause frustration and stress, it is always worth it. Yoga teaches us how to observe ourselves, to notice our negative thought loops and replace them with loving-kindness. This is a lesson that is imperative to learn in our lifetimes if we want to stay open to the magnificence of life. This practice of meeting life with compassion slowly seeps out into the life of any yogi or yogini. After 4 years of regular practice, getting closer and closer with myself, I decided it was time to share it back out. I did my first teacher training in 2012 and have had a yearning to help people “get to know themselves” ever since.

This fall, I am excited to have a chance to go even further in my studies and DIG deeper with advanced training and the 300 Hour Training modules. I will forever be a student of myself, constantly refining my aim towards that well of loving-kindness that lives within me. DIG allows me the opportunity to not only move towards the well, but to actually live by the well, drinking from the loving cup whenever I please. And offering loving-kindness out to others, always. During Sue’s classes I am reminded not only to get my pointer knuckles down, but to travel back to that space where love lives, over and over again. Each time I am on my mat at DIG I walk away with a deeper understanding of my body and my heart, which is a really magical thing. The knowledge and love offered at DIG combine to become a potent force that lingers with me through all aspects of my life. 

Not only am I digging deeper into my study of asana, I am digging deeper into myself. With these amazing teachers to guide me, I can’t wait to see where my journey takes me. The deeper I dig into my studies, the deeper I can take my students. I wish for a world where we are all well-acquainted with our hearts. DIG DEEPER YOGA STUDIES Advanced Training, The 300 hour Modules, is my next step toward fulfilling that wish.