An Invitation to Restorative Yoga by Jeanne-Marie Derrick

A renowned yoga teacher once observed that restorative yoga is like your own internal savings account. You are investing in your self when you practice the slow, calm postures of restorative yoga. Prana, the cosmic intelligence that maintains our lifestream, is stored or invested into our cells while resting in poses designed to allow stress to seep out.

In our hyperactive culture we tend to overlook the importance of slowing down, resting and utilizing simple breathing and inner awareness. If we only spend our energy and never invest in our cellular bank, we may someday wake up to realize that we are broke. That fatigue runs so deep in our nervous system that our ability to root and stand tall is lost.

It is in the quiet restorative practice, where you need do nothing, in which the cells have a chance to recuperate and repair. It is also a state of remembering who you truly are, what you really want, and how you can choose to participate. Slow down and listen to your inner voice, your inner guide, and use restorative yoga as a contemplative practice of self-exploration and reflection.

Restorative yoga often makes use of props to allow the body a deeper quieting and rest. The bolsters and blankets and blocks...allow a quality of ease and comfort that fosters a deep security and contentment. This is actually the classical definition of yoga asana; your breath steady, your mind internal, and your body content. The yoga posture is used as a tool for self-transformation, culminating in the reconnecting of a pure state of being.

The benefits of restorative practice are universal and individual. Not forcing or working hard, but release and surrendering help cultivate an acceptance and a letting go of preconceived notions of your body, your thoughts and your feelings.

If you feel you are too busy for restorative yoga, it probably means you really need it. If you have never tried it, here is your invitation to reconnect with a part of yourself you may have long forgotten.

Join Jeanne-Marie for restorative yoga to reset and reconnect. Our next restorative class will be offered on Sunday, April, 24 at 6:00PM.