Six Ways to Renew Your JOY Everyday:

Close your eyes: This boosts your brain power! It also helps you soften tension and relax into your Self. Check in, listen, pay attention to all of it ---even distractions. Notice what's been affecting your inner state. 

Connect to a deeper breath: Let your inhalation create an inner widening, like a smile. Feel your breath expand your diaphragm, filling your entire torso. Breathing does wonders!

Go outside: Nature has a way of calling us back home into our hearts. Spend quality time away from technology, shut off the phone periodically or at least don't be actively on it. 

Keep Good Company: Be with those that uplift you, inspire you, and love you. Re-frame challenging relationships so they teach you more about who you want to be. 

Make time to play and smile: Allow your creative side to come out every day, even if it's just while you're cooking or hanging with your friends & family. 

Affirm your life: Say Thank You for all you already have. Continue to look for the gifts that are sent to you every day and savor the moments that put a smile on your face!