Love Letters from Liz Fullen!

Dear DIG Community,

I have just realized that my two-year DIG anniversary was last week. What better way to celebrate than writing a love letter to my shining community? The last two years have been up and down for me, but you have always been there to support me and I hold so much gratitude for you all.

Thank you. Thank you for continuously showing up. Thank you for your kind words, and the flowers from your gardens, and the jokes you’ve told that have given me that deep belly laugh (the kind that feels medicinal, leaving you feeling lighter afterwards). Thank you for sharing your hearts, your honesty, and your handstands. Thank you for allowing me to show up exactly as I am. Thank you for giving me the safest space to cultivate my voice as a teacher. Thank you for playing with me, and not taking yourselves too seriously in my yoga classes. 

Each and every one of you has brightened my day at one time or another. I am in constant awe of the love and support that is cultivated in and out of the studio. Whether you have been in my classes or we have just had pleasant conversation while I was working at the front desk, I love and appreciate you all. 

The past couple months have held incredible change and transformation for me. Namely, I moved from Lambertville to Philadelphia. Not to worry. You can catch me at the studio on Tuesday nights for my back-to-back Restoratives / Basics combo. Monthly workshops are for sure on the horizon as well!

I walked into DIG two years ago a scared, unsure baby yoga teacher. Today, I am grounded, confident and connected to my true purpose as a yoga teacher. YOU helped make that possible just by showing up. Thank you forever. See you on Tuesday.


Peace, love, and bouncy downdogs,