Finding Balance with Sue Elkind

Happy Labor Day! As we savor the last few weeks of summer and begin to prepare for the fall season, you may find yourself being thrown out of life's balance by even the slightest changes. For me, this is a reminder that it's time to set new intentions and routines, as the weather merges long summer days into cooler, longer nights.  

This year, our oldest, Luca, is off to Brown University in Providence, RI. As I realize this change will shift our dynamics at home, it is apparent that this process will not be easy. I've worked hard at staying present, mindfully not 'over-parenting' both of my teenage boys. Instead, I take time for self-care practices that keep me balanced emotionally as I continue to care for one son at home and the other in college. 

When we are presented with life's fluctuations, we have the choice to ease into the waves of change or take the plunge with one big jump. The effort to cultivate balance in all areas of life requires deliberate care of our mental, emotional and physical well-being. 

Below you will find my six top practices that keep me balanced while in transition. Additionally, you can join me this Wednesday, as I’ll be a guest speaker in a FREE summit called the Baby Project: How Entrepreneurial Women Create Emotionally Happy, Healthy Families. Here is the link:

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SIX Practices to Cultivate Balance During Transitional Times:

1. Stay Present: Take steps toward uncovering what creates stress during moments of change for you. Contemplate what strategies work best for you to slow down and make the best choices in the present moment.  

2. Develop a Meditation Practice: Give your mind and body quality time to be in harmony together. Invest quality time in this self-care practice that can create lasting differences in your life. 

3. Mindful Pauses: Throughout your day, remember to take small pauses from your smart phone, laptop, apps and programs. Try one-minute practices to become aware of your breath, thoughts, feelings and senses. By giving yourself permission to be away from screens, you can create optimal, healthy brain function.  

4. Walk in Nature: Take a break to get outside and immerse yourself in the beauty of the fall season. The seemingly effortless changes in our landscape can be a subtle reminder to take life's changes in stride. 

5. New Routines: In times of change, sticking to old regimens can make us feel stagnant. Create new, healthy habits that establish a balanced heart, mind and body--try a new class, allot time to indulge in your favorite hobby, cook a well-balanced healthy meal, etc. Nourishing your whole self will reveal new possibilities while navigating moments of great change. 

6. Set Boundaries: Limit activities, interactions and work that leaves you depleted. Creating space in this way aids in the evaluation of your relationships and commitments, so that you can clearly decide which aspects you would like to invite into your life.