Integrative Movement Therapy


    So you think you are in great shape. And maybe you are, for the sort of exercise you do routinely.  But if that is all you do day after day then you could be on your way to an injury or mental burnout.  

I am a big fan of cross training.  It all started for me as a way to ease boredom and keep things fresh, but what I found out later after years of cross training is I have fewer injuries than my compadres who stick with one routine.  And really isn't that the key?  To stay fit and healthy without injury?  I love cross training because it varies the stress placed on specific muscles which reduces the risk of injury and overuse.  I also love cross training as it keeps me open minded and reminds me to be curious and explore my body as it changes and adapts.

What do cross training and my class Integrated Movement Therapy have in common?  This class involves moving your body in a different form and we incorporate Percussive Breathing techniques which helps open the spine and engage the core.  We work on creating strength in the ancillary muscles, tendons and ligaments in support of the larger muscles to correct imbalances.   We work on stabilizing the pelvis which has a tendency to become imbalanced due to the demands of various athletic sports and activities.

The best part of this class is that teaches awareness of where we are imbalanced and offers the form and function to help us learn how to move more consciously and intelligently which then can be applied to all your other forms of exercise.

Come and do some cross training with me at Dig Lambertville on Saturday's from 9-10 am!

- Julie Sill