6 Essential Oils for Summer!

As you all know, we are big on using oils to give us little boosts and help us with certain things throughout the day! Here are some of our favorites for summertime: 

Lemon- air disinfectant, insect bites and swelling, hair highlights (do not put in skin and go in sun!).

Ylang Ylang- aphrodisiac, soothes insect bites, a tonic for the nervous system.

Peppermint- good for nausea, cools body during hot days, refreshing, reduces inflammation.

Clary sage- balancing, inspiring, revitalizing, treats infections and reduces swollen tissue.

Lavender- helps wounds, burns, insect bites, skin issues, motion sickness, muscle pain, rheumatic conditions, stress, insomnia.

Chamomile- good for stings, bites, coughs, migraine, cramps, sunburn, anger, insomnia, stomach ache.