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Our passion for studying Human Movement Science, along with our dedication to helping others, has inspired the creation of DIG Movement Lab. We are committed to improving how people move in their bodies for sport, fitness and wellbeing.

DIG Movement Lab is designed to compliment all other types of activity, including yoga, running, and weight training. Classes are designed to be fun, challenging, and accessible by offering plenty of regressions and progressions throughout.

The class offerings below are included in your Dig Membership, Class Card and Drop-In. These classes provide an opportunity for you to add another dimension to your practice that focus on fitness and strength conditioning. Stay tuned for more educational workshops offerings.

We offer more personalized semi-private and private training sessions to customize a program for you to deepen your understanding of human movement science in relationship to your goals.


Dean Smith, RYT-200, feels that the best teachers are life long students, which is the reason he is committed to learning. Dean’s style of teaching reflects the past nine years as a personal trainer; talking anatomy, muscle engagement, skeletal alignment, holding poses for time or certain movements for repetitions. Ultimately, his goal encompasses a well-rounded experience where all participants leave class feeling happier and healthier in their bodies and mind.

Naime Jezzeny is an internationally-renowned yoga teacher, certified 500 ERYT, whose extensive background includes formal studies in exercise physiology and kinesiology at the University of Southern California. His years of study allow him to take the therapeutic qualities of yoga to another level. He also holds certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine in personal fitness training (CPT), Corrective Exercise (CES), Golf Fitness Specialist (GFS), and Sports Performance Training (SPT). Naime has helped rehabilitate a wide variety of professionals including Olympic gold medalists, golfers, actors, dancers, and business leaders. 

Fundamentals of Functional Fitness with Dean
A great class for those who are new to fitness exercise or just need a refresher. Learn how to safely and properly move your body in different planes of motion in this class. A strong focus on alignment instruction will facilitate proper use of various fitness equipment. No experience required. One Sunday per month: Oct 20, Nov 17, Dec 8 from 1:30-2:45pm


Total Body Sweat (TBS) 60 Minute with Dean
TBS is a high-intensity fitness workout designed to burn fat, build muscle and get you in shape using bodyweight, strength training, agility and full body conditioning. This class includes a warm up and make sure you properly cool down. Experience recommended. Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:30pm-7:30pm

Total Body Sweat (TBS) 45-Minute with Dean
Same as above, but in a 45-minute experience. Mondays & Wednesdays 4:15am-5:00pm

Upcoming Workshops:

Corrective Exercises for Strength, Mobility & Injury Prevention with Naime on Saturday, November 9 from 12-3pm

Pre-Holiday Burn (4-Week Series) with Dean on Sundays from 7:45am-9:00am from November 3-24

Boxing Yoga (3-Week Series) with Dean on Wednesdays from 6:15am-7:45am from December 4-18


prices and policies

Monthly Membership Auto Renew $108/month*
Month -to- Month Membership $135*
Seniors/Students Unlimited $89/month*
Membership includes monthly promotions and discounts.
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Drop-in $22
Drop-in Senior/Student $16
10-Class Card $185 (20% discount for Seniors or Students)
Annual Membership $1200 - unlimited yoga plus 10% off series, workshops and retail (limited number sold annually)

Cancellations & No Show Policy
Movement Lab class cancellations within one-hour or no-shows will incur a $15 charge to accounts with an unlimited monthly membership/pass or the reduction of one class from a drop-in or class package.

DIG Yoga reserves the right to cancel or reschedule, and notification will be made within 24 hours.