New To Yoga

Welcome! DIG Yoga is built on the foundation of community. It is a place to grow and to feel at home. All of our teachers are trained to the highest standards and their primary concern is your experience. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your experience a better one.


Here are some helpful tips to get you started.


Dig's Mission

“The Dig community is inclusive, life-affirming, and evolving. We acknowledge, respect and welcome individual religious expression, and cultural or ethnic diversity. We lead by example, supporting those of like heart to be the best they can.” 

  • Let your teacher know of any injuries or concerns you have at the beginning of class

  • We practice yoga in bare feet; leave your shoes in the cubbies outside the studio

  • Please print your name legibly on our sign in sheet each time you come in

  • Turn off all cell phones and leave your bags in the cubbies or front office to free your mind

  • If you arrive late to class please wait until beginning meditation is over to enter

  • Shh… savasana. It's the most important part of the practice; yoga works on the nervous system and we need time to rest and integrate it. Don't skip it!

  • Please refrain from wearing perfume, some students and teachers are sensitive to fragrance

  • If you need to leave early please inform the teacher at the beginning of class and practice your own savasana before you exit

  • And most important of all, have fun! Move at your own level, it is a non-competitive practice. If you allow yourself to build your strength and flexibility slowly it will serve you for the rest of your life!

What is Yoga?

The word yoga means “union” in Sanskrit.  Yoga is a scientific system of physical & mental practices. Originating in India thousands of years ago, its ultimate purpose is to assist us in achieving our highest potential.  The root belief of yoga is that the body and breath are connected with the mind.  In our everyday lives, stress, tension, and the thoughts running through our minds cause the body to tighten up. 

A tight body is an uncomfortable body and years of tension in the body can manifest into many physical ailments and diseases.  In yoga we utilize the breath to heighten our focus with our connection, “union”, of mind and body while moving through poses (asanas) which loosen and release areas of tension.


Membership means community!

Becoming a part of the membership program means unlimited yoga, every day, in the supportive company of friends. At DIG Yoga we care about you, and we care about providing the highest caliber yoga for everyone. We know that if one part of you doesn't feel good, the rest of you will be compromised. We are here to share practical tools to help you live your fullest life. Click here to learn more



Beginner Series & Classes
The Beginner's Series is designed to give you all the tools necessary to develop a life-long healthy yoga practice. Each class will build upon the next, exploring all categories of poses, as well as breathing and restorative. Whether you are new to yoga or just want to expand your understanding of yoga fundamentals, this course will provide you with what it takes to feel better in body, mind and heart.

2019 Beginner Series Dates: 8-week Beginner Series with Annie Wednesdays 7:00-8:15pm, January 9, 16, 23, 30, February 6, 13,20, 27



Basics and Gentle Classes
Our Basics classes focus is on foundational poses.  A strong practice appropriate for all levels who have some yoga experience.  Students with minor injuries or physical limitations please ensure you talk to the teacher before class  

Our Gentle Yoga classes are great for beginners, pregnant students or those recovering from injury.  We do not interpret gentle as “slow-paced” or “easy” yoga but rather a practice that helps build strength and flexibility, while using the support of the wall, chairs or other props.  Using less weight bearing positions enhances stability, integrity of joints and promotes confidence.