Pilates was developed as an exercise system to rehab individuals after injuries and to help maintain or regain physical health. Created by Joseph H. Pilates, his system, now called Pilates, continues to be used for that purpose, as well as to condition the body for various sports, activities and to prevent injury. 

Joseph realized that day to day life puts many stresses on individuals and moves them away from more natural, physically fit lives. That, in turn, can take away from the amount of everyday energy people have, and thus shorten their life span. 

Joseph’s main focus then became creating a system that allowed people to live happier, healthier lives. The Pilates system of physical exercises is based on a broad philosophy, centered around the concept of interconnectivity of body, mind, and spirit. Pilates is not only for fitness, though it does make people strong and lean, developing good posture and muscle definition. Its main goal is health achieved in a natural way through mindful exercise and mindful living.

The Principles of Pilates
Breath - is encouraged and cued in Pilates, because it improves the condition of the lungs, supplying more oxygen to the whole body. This positively effects all of our systems, from hormonal to digestive.
Centering - this system of exercises focuses on the core of the body during every movement and exercise, because as we now know today a strong core supports and enhances any movement a body makes.
Flow - developing well coordinated harmonious body movements, similar to movements of graceful animals.

Precision - where the aim is for every exercise and movement to be mastered with precision of timing, alignment, and trajectory of motion. 

Concentration & Control - the mind should be the tool to train the body to perform exercises correctly, so that healthy movement patterns eventually become automatic. Complex movement also encourages mental alertness, and an increased ability to cope with stress. Furthermore, one must be in the present moment in order to pay close attention to specifics and details of each exercise, which develops great body awareness.

What to Expect
Most newcomers to Pilates start with the Apparatus - the Reformer, the Pilates Chair, and the Cadillac (or Tower). This equipment was designed by Joseph to rehab people like professional athletes and dancers who had sustained injuries. They offer a more gradual approach to building strength, since weight and resistance can be adjusted. Apparatus work is appropriate to students of all levels.

Mat Pilates is a more challenging system of whole-body exercises, that further develops a well-balanced strong and flexible body. Mat work uses the body’s own weight for resistance and includes some unique whole body rolling and spinal articulation exercises, thus creating more strength and flexibility than less complex motions can create.


prices and policies

Pilates Private $85/hr or 10 Private Sessions for $650 and 5 Private Sessions for $375

Reformer/Equipment Group, $25
(space is limited, so please reserve @ 404.610.3013 or olgakovalyova@yahoo.com

If you are new to Pilates, a minimum of two private sessions is recommended

Private and group lessons with Olga are available on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at DIG Yoga. To schedule call Olga at 404.610.3013 or email olgakovalyova@yahoo.com