85 HOUR Yoga alliance registered PRENATAL YOGA TEACHER TRAINING with sue elkind 

Learn how to support women during their journey into motherhood in this comprehensive, Yoga Alliance registered training in prenatal yoga, conscious birthing and postnatal yoga with Sue Elkind, E-RYT 500, RPYT. Explore how to weave the great teachings of yoga seamlessly into Mother Nature’s blueprint, encouraging women to experience a more joy-filled pregnancy, empowered birth and confident postnatal transition. An expansive training manual will be provided and students will be expected to complete homework assignments, including observation and practice teaching between sessions.

Teachers will also find this training applicable to teaching restorative, infertility, chair, partner, beginning and seniors yoga.

Online Component included in the training! 10-hour Prenatal and Postnatal Online Course (pre-recorded, to be watched in your own time in between the parts): Four 90 minute powerpoint lectures detailing the “four trimesters” (postpartum included), and four trimester-specific video yoga classes.  

october 3-6, 2019: Lambertville, NJ

PART 1: Awakening the Goddess
• The inner wisdom of yoga in pregnancy
• The essentials of a healthy prenatal practice
• The do’s & don’ts of the trimesters
• How to teach prenatal yoga in a public class
• Pregnancy conditions
• Prenatal nutrition
• Essential oils and pregnancy
• Exploring restoratives
• Structuring & sequencing prenatal classes
• Cellular memory of birth experience
• Fertility awareness and conscious conception
• Hormonal physiology of pregnancy/childbirth

december 12-15, 2019: Lambertville, NJ

PART 2: Grace in Action
• Yoga Biomechanics for pregnancy
• Observation, verbal and manual adjustments
• Structuring & sequencing prenatal classes
• Creating themes to inspire your students
• Prenatal yoga teaching practicum
• Pregnancy conditions
• Labor support for pregnancy
• Meditation and mantra for pregnancy
• Relaxation techniques to support birth
• Supporting mama and baby after birth
• 4th trimester support
• Teaching restoratives

Teacher Training Tuition

Cost: Early discount full training: $1450 by Sept 12, 2019 $1600 after.  Early discount per part 1: $800 (Paid three weeks prior) $850 after

Schedule: 9am-6pm Thursday-Sunday. Group stays together for lunch, breaks taken periodically. 

About Sue Elkind

My interest in prenatal yoga developed shortly after I began teaching yoga in the early 1990’s.  During one of my first public classes, I encountered a pregnant student who was in obvious need of extra assistance. Trying not to panic, I instinctively gave her as many props as I could find to help her modify her practice and stayed close by to remind her to breathe!  After the session, I called a seasoned prenatal yoga teacher and friend to consult about what I had done. First she assured me that I did not do anything wrong or harmful. She then offered me some useful advice based on her wisdom and personal experiences in pregnancy and prenatal yoga.  From that first experience, I was truly inspired to see how yoga and the state of pregnancy were deeply connected.  I continued to seek out prenatal trainings over the next several years, fortunate to be in Los Angeles where prenatal yoga was flourishing. There was an abundance of great inspiration, particularly the community woven together by Gurmukh Khalsa.  What I found interesting was how different each prenatal yoga class was — depending on the teacher and their school of influence.  When I became pregnant and decided to teach prenatal yoga, I used this multitude of resources I had gathered to help inspire my own voice to bloom.


"This was an AMAZING training! The perfect combination of study and practical application. I feel as if I am bursting with knowledge and am incredibly excited to share all that I learned with my students. I feel that my teaching has become more confident, and I am giving my students a more complete class. I am so grateful to Sue for allowing me to take part in this – she is a SUPERB instructor! Thankful to Allie for her assistance, to Tracy for her behind-the-scenes admin, and to all the women for sharing their knowledge and experience.” Bethany Reilly

"I really enjoyed this training with Sue and the great group of women that came together for it. I appreciated the focus on both the physical and spiritual and also the nice blend of strengthening and restorative. Sue is an extremely knowledgeable teacher and I loved getting to learn not just about yoga but also more about pregnancy and birth as well. Thanks Sue! " ~ Megan Braemore

"It was an amazing experience that opened my mind to a new way of teaching and a new niche for my business. I loved the content and the idea of supporting the mothers in this special moment of their lives. “Débora Policastro

"I've learned a lot and now feel a new power in me that I never felt before towards pregnancy and birth. I really enjoyed the connection in the group and everything we shared together during the training.” Raffaella Simeone

"I am very much inspired by Sue’s passion for prenatal yoga and am excited to share what I have learned in this training with pregnant women back home. Sue’s teachings were clear, comprehensive and thorough, allowing me to have some confidence to show up as a teacher without knowing everything. I also deeply appreciated the supportive environment that she created for us throughout the course. I highly recommitted this teacher training for those who wish to deepen their knowledge on yoga and pregnancy." Maya Tanaka Barnard

"Thank you so much for an incredible week. I learned so much, not just about teaching natal yoga, but I feel the training deepened my own understanding of Yoga and my work as a teacher. I really loved the way you weaved tantra, mantra, chanting, meditation with the practical nuts and bolts in such a condensed time. Each day was so full and I left every afternoon feeling inspired." ~ Caitlin Talbot 

"I feel like I returned home with a toolbox filled with new information, a new perspective and self-confidence to both educate others on the prenatal experience, but also prepare myself for the weeks and months to come. You have truly a beautiful way of delivering the information - a way that is so moving, useful, approachable and SO much fun. A friend texted to ask how the weekend was going yesterday and the best way I could answer was this: My mind is blown and my heart is open. It's all so true.”  ~Allison Russell


"I was drawn to Sue's prenatal and postnatal teacher training because I trust her to teach in a way that keeps the yoga practice of expecting mothers safe.  I took many prenatal classes while pregnant and always felt the most comfortable with the sequences and guidance/attention I received from teachers who have completed this training.  Some prenatal classes are just about the poses or what is safe for the baby.  Sue takes into consideration what is safe for the mother as well, in pre- and post-partum yoga.  She integrates aromatherapy, nutrition, the benefits of natural childbirth, and alignment into this training.  I want to be able to share this knowledge and help other mothers-to-be have a safe pregnancy and yoga practice, so this training was perfect!” ~ Kelly Wong


"Sue’s Awakening the Goddess Training provides the perfect combination of intelligent teaching tools, spiritual wisdom and individual empowerment. I recommend it to teachers who want to best serve their pre/post-natal students, as well as to those who want to think critically about the effects of pregnancy and birth on the individual, and explore the divine, creative pulsation that makes all life possible.” ~ Denise Corsini


"This experience for me was truly eye-opening and enlightening.  As a physical therapist, I was extremely nervous to embark on this journey having not taught yoga before and knowing that I may be the only one in the class who didn’t have that experience.  After spending a short time in the course, I could not have felt more welcome with such a wonderful group of people.  The course challenged me to try things I otherwise may have been fearful to try and for that I am so thankful.  I have already used many of the poses and techniques in my pelvic floor physical therapy practice and look forward to teaching pre natal and post partum yoga classes at my clinic.” ~ Jill Carnahan


"I feel inspired and uplifted every time I am in the presence of Sue and I am proud to call her my teacher! Her knowledge and love for prenatal yoga shines through in everything she does. Her trainings and her book are a thorough guide to everything you need to know when doing yoga in your pregnancy; whether you are a student, teacher or "just" a new mom to be.” ~Pernille Asam



NOTE: Below are the registration guidelines for Yoga Alliance. Note, you cannot register with them until you have completed 30 teaching hours post training. DIG does not have to track everyone's 30 hours. Instead, everyone tracks and logs their hours directly on the YA website. Upon completion of your 30 teaching hours and logging of those hours, you will also scan your certificate to YA for registration. 


RPYT (Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher)®

Training requirements:

✓ Completed a 200-hour training program with a RYS 200

✓ Completed a 85-hour training program with a Registered Prenatal Yoga School (RPYT)

Teaching hour requirements:

✓ Has at least 30 hours of teaching experience in prenatal yoga since graduating from a RPYS

Teachers can register as a RPYT if they have successfully completed both a 200-hour yoga teacher training program and an 85-hour prenatal yoga training that meet Yoga Alliance standards. Applicants must submit 30 teaching hours in prenatal yoga which must be completed after graduating from a RPYS (Registered Prenatal Yoga School).Currently, teachers with significant experience in prenatal yoga prior to 2011 can also register as a RPYT via grandfathering. 


Sue's Bestselling Book!

By Sue Elkind